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leaving the playpen for the first time


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when Pills N’ Potions ends and Anaconda starts playing


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Tracee Ellis Ross -

the queen of red lips, curly hair, a big butt, & accessories. forever teaching my sister & me how to embrace personal style and curly hair, from the era of ‘Girlfriends’ to now … she truly is every black girl’s girlfriend. She literally can pull off any…

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  • Ya'll be like: I love black girls......with european features
  • Ya'll be like: Black girls with afros are amazing...as long as they got light skin.
  • Ya'll be like: Black girls are beautiful...but just the ones who are white passin' or as racially ambiguous as possible.
  • Ya'll be like: Natural hair is the best hair...as long as the curls are really really loose.
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    Flood my body with love
    Touch me gently
    Kiss me until my heart mends
    I’ve fallen so many times
    Without being caught
    Each fall breaking my heart
    Into even smaller pieces
    I was left feeling numb
    Disgusted with my emotions
    I was ashamed of how much
    Love I offered to others

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