"Loving Me 4 Me" - Christina Aguilera.

Your soul, your flow, your youth,
your truth is simply proof

We were meant to be
But the best quality that’s hookin’ me…
Is that you’re loving me for me.

This song is so underrated, yet so soulful and beautifully written. Please listen.

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Judging by my Tumblr, post in my ask what you think I’m like in real life

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"let’s take a selfie"


i take selfies on my own terms and angles.

and lighting!

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I am under no obligation to make sense to you.
― Neil DeGrasse Tyson  (via jolinxo)

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I want to begin every day with, “Good morning, beautiful” and end every night with a convulsing orgasm…is that too much to ask?

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Get to know the blogger night!


I’ll answer all questions that come in my ask box!

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